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The Pasca Teknik Sipil (S2) Unsrat Open Journal System (PTSU-OJS) consist of Media Engineering Journal (Online) and Media Engineering Journal (Print) are published fourannualy, in February, March, July and November, by Pasca Teknik Sipil (S2) Sam Ratulangi University

PTSU-OJS aims to:

  1. Promote a civil engineering incorporating viewpoints of different disciplines.
  2. Elaborate and strengthen academic exchange with other institutions.
  3. Support scientist, practicing engineers, and others to conduct research and other similar activities.

PTSU-OJS welcomes papers with the above aims and scopes. The editorial board decides papers to be published in PTSU-OJS journal after review by reviewers appointed by the board. Authors will be advised of reviewers' comments and suggestions.

Submission and Correspondence
Author shall submit paper by email to fabian_jm@unsrat.ac.id. File shall be named as follows: first three letters shall be followed by the first name of the first author and first word of the title, i.e.: ptsu-ojs(o/p)-fabian-composite. (o for online and p for print

Papers and all correspondences should be addressed to:
The Editor, Media Engineering Journal.
Pasca Sarjana Teknik Sipil (S2) Sam Ratulangi University
Jl. Kampus Unsrat Bahu Manado
Tel. +62-431-852-959
E-mail: fabian_jm@unsrat.ac.id

Manuscripts should be typed double spaced (12-pitch font size, times new roman) in a single column format on A4 size paper with 2.5-cm wide margin (top, bottom, left, right). The length of a manuscript should be limited to maximum of 20 pages total (references, figures, tables, appendices, etc. inclusive). All pages should be numbered consecutively.

Deadline of submission:

February edition : first week of December

March edition : first week of February

July edition : first week of April

November edition : first week of August

Board of Editor :

1. Prof.Dr. Fabian J Manoppo (Chief Editor)

2.Prof. Dr. E.J Kumaat

3. Prof. Dr. H Manalip

4. Prof. Dr. Doddy Sumajouw

5. Prof.Dr.Berti Sompie

4.Dr. Joice Waani

5.Dr. Stennie Walah

6. Dr. Isri Mangangka

7. Dr. Mielke Mondoringin

8. Dr. Torry Dundu

9. Servie Dapas, MT (Design and Editing)

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